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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a reservation?

Yes, We are a reservation driven restaurant. We are sometimes able to accommodate small parties (4 guests or less) of walk in guests during the week but we highly recommend Reservations especially on the weekends as we have limited seating availability. Please note that you may still experience a small wait with a reservation, especially groups of 5 or more, due to high volume and dependent on the flow of reservations that day.

How do I make a reservation?

We only accept reservations via phone with our host. Please call (432)552-8777 to check availability and make reservations. We accept reservations for parties up to 4 guests. Due to very high volume of calls and direct messages, we are unable to make or honor any reservations or request for reservations via email or any sort of direct message.

Do you have a dress code?

Stylish day attire is strongly encouraged. Absolutely NO Pajamas, Fully Exposed Under Shirt / Tank Tops, Fully Exposed Bras, or House Shoes are allowed. To enhance the dining experience for our guests, please note that dress code policy is at the discretion of management and may enforced to maintain an upscale experience for our guests. Please dress accordingly. 

Can I request a specific Table?

We always try to accommodate guest requests for seating, however, seating availability is solely dependent on the turnaround time of tables and reservation circulation party sizes. The Glass Flower Table seats 4-6 guests and is exclusively used for larger party sizes with reservations.

What is your celebration policy?

If you plan on dining with us to celebrate a birthday or special life event, please make a reservation to ensure seating availability. Please note that you may still experience a wait even with a confirmed reservation, especially groups of 5 or more, due to high volume and during peak times.

Important note: Due to city fire codes, we are unable to allow balloons into our venue. If you plan on bringing your own cake, there will be a $25.00 cake cutting/handling fee that will be charged on your bill. We will store your cake, present it with candles, and have our chef cut it for you. 

Can you accommodate large parties?

We offer Private events for larger parties but because of the small size of our venue we cannot accommodate parties larger than 6 (SIX). Reservations for parties larger than 4 must be made in advance. 

Please note that your entire party must be present to be seated as we do not seat incomplete parties and we do not add guests to parties once you are seated and your service has commenced. We only hold Reserved Tables for 5-10 Minutes and then we move on to the next awaiting guest.  

What happens if I am running late?

We will honor reservations up to 5 minutes past your reservation time with no contact, arrivals after your table time may result in longer wait times than normal. If you are running late please call and let our host know so that we can try to accommodate your reservation time to the best of our ability, We make no guarantees of seating availability for tables that arrive after their Reservation Time. Please understand that even confirmed reservations may still experience a wait time especially during peak hours.

Are children allowed at Brunch and Munch?

We do not have a Children’s Menu but We welcome guests of all ages so long as they are not disruptive to the relaxed atmosphere we strive to provide for our guests. If your child or children are excessively loud or disrupted your party may be asked to settle your check and leave in order to preserve the integrity of the dining experience for our other guests.